Meet the Team

  • Ahmed Lababidi

    Ahmed Lababidi

    Ahmed has completed his undergraduate study in Chemical Engineering at Bradford University and focused on designing and monitoring Polyethylene production process. His work involved the mechanical design of the production line components using CAD tools such as Solidworks, as well as monitoring the chemical processes using different automation tools such as sensors and monitoring software. 

    At ALT, Ahmed is technically supporting the laser cladding systems including the operation and the R&D processes and is also responsible for internal auditing and quality control within the company. Additionally, Ahmed is contributing to the project management and the technical support of three laser processing projects. 

  • Abdeslam Mhich

    Abdeslam Mhich

    Dr Abdeslam Mhich is Quality manager at Advanced laser technology. He graduated in Physicsat the University Mohamed V Rabat, Morocco and have got a PhD in Laser processing at School of Material, The University of Manchester, United Kingdom. He had many years of experience in corrosion science, surface engineering and material characterization. He worked on several projects related to laser cladding and the improvement of the corrosion resistance and mechanical properties of different types of metals including amorphous, nano-crystalline and metal matrix composite.

  • Daishu Qian

    Daishu Qian

    Dr. Daishu Qian completed his doctrate in materials in The University of Manchester. He is specialized in laser surface treatment, materials, and materials corrosion and protection. He is currently working as a materials engineer in ALT and is involved in the Innovate UK project CLEANSE.

  • Eamonn Fearon

    Eamonn Fearon

    I originally studied Physics with Laser Technology at the University of Essex, and then trained as a teacher specialising in Physics and other sciences at secondary school level for four years. In 1997 I left teaching to enrol on an MSc(Eng) in Materials Engineering with Lasers at the Laser Group of the University of Liverpool, completing the Eurolaser Engineer qualification at the same time as the MSc. This was followed with a PhD in the area of Direct Laser Fabrication. I was a senior Research Associate within the Laser Group, and was responsible for the day-to-day running of Lairdside Laser Engineering Centre. On 1 April 2016 I joined ALT as Systems and Products Development Manager.
    My research interests include production of metallic parts using laser-based metal deposition processes with non-feedback control methods and laser curing of conductive inks for sensing and circuitry purposes. Linked to the laser processing of conductive inks is the devising of novel sensors for aerospace applications.

  • Jinglei Ouyang

    Jinglei Ouyang

    Dr Jinglei Ouyang is currently working as a Technical Support Engineer in ALT. Jinglei was awarded his MSc and Ph.D degree in Laser Engineering from the University of Liverpool. He has many years of experience in Laser processing, especially in ultrafast Laser field and Laser-based surface treatment process. Right now, he is involved in NATEP and CLEANSE project, extensively participated in design and integration of our own branded cleaning Laser system.

  • Riccardo Canali

    Riccardo Canali

    Dr. Riccardo Canali was born in Torino, Italy, in 1987. He joined ALT in May 2015. He is currently working as a process engineer and his activity is mainly focused on powder based processes, in particular via laser (laser cladding). He graduated PhD in February 2015 in Materials Science and Technology at Politecnico di Torino, and his activities were carried out at the Center for Space Human Robotics (CSHR) of the Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (IIT). His research activities have been focused on Additive Manufacturing technologies, especially in powder based processes melted via a laser beam source. He has mainly been developing suitable materials for both powder feeded and powder bed technologies - metallic and based composites - for multiple applications.

  • Roger Hardacre

    Roger Hardacre

    Roger Hardacre AInstLM MBA

    General Manager

    Roger is passionate about the importance of manufacturing to the UK economy. His experience is in B2B operations and supply chains and the development and adoption of new technologies by industrialists, mainly small to medium sized enterprises.

    He has 37 years’ experience and has worked in over 22 countries and for precision driven industries, aerospace, automotive, nuclear engineering and general engineering. He worked for the University of Manchester from 2010 -2012 promoting the use of lasers among North West businesses on a programme supported by the NWDA. After the end of the programme he was among the start-up team for ALT: a completely new business dedicated to system integration of the most advanced laser systems around and developing, under its own aegis, ground breaking technologies for laser applications among industry.

    Roger is evangelical about the role of lasers in the future: “lasers are following their own version of Moore’s law: they are falling in price and increasing in capability.” ALT began life selling 4kW cladding systems, now it is researching complex laser deposition methods and can deliver 6- 10kW systems. “In a few years, every company will use lasers, whether they are big firms or companies in lock up garages. Lasers will be as commonplace as milling machines.” he continues.


    He is a member of the governing council of the industry body AILU

  • Tony Guan

    Tony Guan

  • Zhenhuan Zhu

    Zhenhuan Zhu

    Dr Zhenhuan Zhu is currently working as an electronic engineer in ALT. He was awarded a Ph.D degree in MACE (Mechanical, Airspace and Civil Engineering) of the University of Manchester in 2015. He is engaged in the design and development of both embedded systems and wireless sensor networks for many years.

  • Yang Jin

    Yang Jin

    Full time PhD student focus on ultrafast laser microprocessing with the aid of Spatial Light Modulators. The SLMs are used to shape the wavefront and/or the polarisation of a incident picosecond laser for high speed complex surface patterning. Hand experiences on picosecond laser systems, femtosecond laser system, tuneable wavelength devices.

  • Dion Clark

    Dion Clark

  • Zheng Kuang

    Zheng Kuang

    Dr Zheng Kuang. I am a Senior Technical Support Engineer at Advanced Laser Technology (ALT). I come from Shenzhen which is a beautiful coast city in south China. I came to study and live in the UK since 2005. I was awarded an MSc Degree in Engineering Application of Lasers in 2006 and a PhD degree in Laser Micro-processing in 2010 at the University of Liverpool. I started my career as a full-time researcher since 2010. Before joining ALT, I was working at University of Liverpool from 2010 to 2016 as a Research Associate. My research interests include: laser material processing, laser micro/nano technology, short pulse laser system, diffractive multi-beam laser parallel processing and laser IC engine ignition.

  • Liwei Fu

    Liwei Fu

    Dr Liwei Fu is currently working as a Technical Support Engineer in ALT. Prior to joining the ALT, Liwei spent one year in Loughborough University as a Postdoctorate Research Associate in School of Civil and Building Engineering for advanced 3D printing process used in landfills. Liwei was awarded a Ph.D degree in Laser Engineering from the University of Liverpool in 2015. He has many years of experience in Additive Manufacturing and Laser-based 3D printing process, and extensively involved in designs and fabrications of RFID tags, Strain gauges and other thin-film based sensor applications.

  • Mohammad Nabil

    Mohammad Nabil

  • Jiangning Li

    Jiangning Li

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