Bespoke Design


Three Typical Installations



Model 1: Wide Beam System

Re-manufacturing worn and corroded mining equipment by cladding key components 4kW diode laser delivering 17mm wide high quality beam with gravity and gas fed powder feeder. Laser mounted on five degrees of freedom robot, with bespoke constructed input/output control panel so the robot can control the laser and feed system. The system was used for re-manufacturing hydraulic pit props that were corroded and damaged by coal dust.


Model 2: High Speed System

High Speed Deposition System on Coal Mining Chain Management Machinery 4kW diode laser delivering 0.5mm spot beam with gravity and gas fed powder feeder using robot to deliver to semi automated rotational handling table. The system was used to replace an Electric Deposition method to lay down a route matrix to guide the movement of chains in a mining shearer. In six weeks the system completed 200 channels, ahead of schedule.


Model 3: Coaxial System 

Deposition System to Repair Damaged Section in a Shaft for a Power Station 4kW diode laser delivering 0.5mm spot beam with gas fed, four jet coaxial Fraunhofer combined powder head and optics for greater accuracy and better ‘shape’ of the deposition. The System, delivered the repairs to a shaft mounted in a fixed joist where the shape and dimensions of the repair are determined by the movement of the robot mounted laser.