Laser cleaning

ALT laser cleaning system is an innovative system for surface preparation and an environmentally friendly processing system.

Laser cleaning is an effective cleaning technique for removing contaminants from solid surfaces. Laser cleaning processes, is one of the promising solutions to remove surface contaminants such as oil, grease and other organic and inorganic. Laser cleaning technology is safe, environmentally friendly and very cost effective way to improve cleaning, surface preparation and paint removal processes. Actually the laser cleaning has been used in many fields from microelectronic to radioactively contaminated metals. Recently ALT is developing a laser cleaning system for a successful application in other industries.


Advantages of laser cleaning

Laser cleaning offers various advantages over traditional cleaning methods where chemical or mechanical actions were involved, these advantages are:

  • Non-contact where there is no mechanical contact with the surface.

  • Low environmental impact because the only waste generated is the dirt ejected from the surface.

  • Selectivity due to the fact that it is possible to remove layers of contaminants without removing any original material from the surface of the object.

  • Localised action because a laser beam can be precisely directed using a visible aiming beam and the exposure conditions can be optimised for removal.

  • Versatility where in some cases the availability of radiation at other wavelengths can increase the flexibility, and so on.


Applications of laser cleaning

Various application area of laser cleaning can be identified, restoration of historic artifacts and antiquities, surface preparation prior to coating and adhesive bonding, paint of organic coating removal, surface cleaning of microelectronic components, nuclear decontamination. In all this fields we can have different nature of contaminants.

Other examples of laser removing a variety of surface deposits from fragments of real wall paintings from the monumental cemetery of Pisa, the removal of oxides from copper printed circuit boards (PCBs), contaminants from a huge astronomical telescope mirror, particles from magnetic head slider, paint from aircraft, cleaning of moulds in the manufacturing of tyres, tempera paint, stone, metals, pigments and organic substances, cleaning of medical equipment, glass windows of skyscrapers, magnetic media surfaceand glass surface. the removal of oxides, oil and grease from different substrates.